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Mink Costume Set

I did a base of one of my characters to redesign a few of her outfits, focusing on the layers and the function of each article of clothing.

Detonya kan warrioroutfit1

Armor - Full

Detonya kan warrioroutfit2

Armor - Scalemail

Detonya kan warrioroutfit3

Armor - Undergarments

Detonya kan icetribegarment1

Ice Tribe Costume w/ Coat

Detonya kan icetribegarment2

Ice Tribe Costume w/o Coat

Detonya kan punkoutfit1

Punk outfit w/ Vest

Detonya kan punkoutfit2

Punk outfit w/o Vest

Detonya kan oursuniform1

Uniform w/ Top

Detonya kan oursuniform2

Uniform w/o Top

Detonya kan travelingcostume1

Traveling Outfit w/ Cloak

Detonya kan travelingcostume2

Traveling Outfit w/o Cloak

Detonya kan mink costumes set1

All outfits and original base.